Are you wondering

… what kind of PHOTOS to upload to Instagram to attract new clients as a nail tech?!

instagram content planner for nail techs

30 Days Content Planner for Instagram

Don’t you want someone to just tell you exactly what to upload to Instagram … and your account to magically start attracting new clients?

You upload beautiful photos to Instagram, but no one cares.

Do not worry!

What you upload is more important than how often. This guide includes:

– Detailed 30 days planner with caption ideas and examples
– Why these posts attract clients
– How often to publish
– How to stand out from other nail techs
– Tips on how to plan the next 30 days

PLUS bonus 25 more ideas that you can use after completing this plan.

* You will receiving PDF for download. You can view it on your phone, computer or print it.

nail technician instagram posts to attract clients

You are ACTIVE on Instagram everyday

But you have no idea why no one is asking to book an appointment with you.

Tell me if this feels familiar:

Instagram CHANGED my business and not it is YOUR TURN!

I went from having 0 clients to 60 bookings in 3 months. ONLY using Instagram. Let me teach you how to do the same!