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Who are we and why should you trust us?


After many years as an Award Winning Mobile Nail Technician I decided to indulge in my true passion – education.

I had a secret dream to teach and uplift others, but sadly finding the time was an issue. Then Covid 19 happened, which opened up a new opportunity for me. I finally had an empty schedule and Learnesto was born.

Soon after I needed help and support from others to keep it going so Learnesto’s team grew. Even though the others are all behind the scenes they still take part in Learnesto’s heart.


We offer video tutorials for all levels of expertise – from complete beginners to professional nail technicians.

You will find online courses for drawing thin lines, 3D decorations, animated characters and themed designs that will inspire you for the new season. But the nail business doesn’t stop there. You will also find support with your business journey, nail photography and social media.

We show you how to use a variety of materials such as gel polish, plasticine, acrylic, markers, watercolor drops and much more.


Each one of us has an unique set of skills, knowledge and expertise. But most importantly, we all have a strong passion for teaching and inspiring people.  We would love to be your mentors and guide you through our journey. We are able to do this because we teach what we know and what we’ve personally done to improve our nail art skills and build our businesses. We can’t wait to share the hard learned lessons we’ve collected over the years. 

We would love to share our tips and tricks and send them freely out into the world with the hope that they will lift others to new heights. 


Everything that we do has to one simple goal – to provide people from anywhere in the world with easy access to top nail artist’s and business training.

To help everyone who wants to upgrade their skills, to better themselves, to learn and grow. To challenge themselves, just as we do. To pass on the knowledge gained over many years of experience, to show different techniques, easier ways to make designs and the information about the materials that we use for each of them.

We believe that we can make learning more effective, more fun and easier, so that each student can achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time, increase their income, and be part of a friendly community of like minded people.

Being a nail technician is a piece of cake. Chatting all day, coffee breaks and cigarettes.

Said no one ever

About me

Nicole (Niki)

My name is Nicole and I have been in the nail industry professionally for 3 years and an enthusiast my whole life. Once I realized that corporate life was not for me, I decided to take the risk and follow the path to my dream career. Happiness took over and I haven’t looked back since.

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