4 Tips – What NOT to do before your nail appointment?

1. Don't use lotion

Do not put any lotion on your hands before going to your nail appointment. The moisturising ingredients prevent the nail products from adhering properly and can cause lifting.

2. Don't cut your cuticles

Do not cut your own cuticles at home. You may cut the skin too much and cause bleeding. Not only does that hurt and ruin the overall look of your manicure but an open and uncleaned wound can also get infected.

3. Don't shape your nails

Do not file your nails before going to the appointment as you may file them unevenly and ruin the structure. Let the professional shape them correctly.

4. Don't remove the old polish

Do not peel off your gel polish. Incorrect removal not only removes the nail coating but also layers of you natural nail. This can result in severe nail damage, cracking and weakened nails.

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