81 New Year’s Resolutions for Nail Artists in 2021

“New year – new me!” – Something that many people say to themselves on January 1, but many of them forget in a few days.

How many times have you decided to start a diet, boldly postponing it a few seconds later with the words – “but from Monday”? Unfortunately, this year the first of January falls on Friday 😒. It’s hard to think with a hangover, so we have prepared a few ideas that can inspire you. We will leave the obvious: “Drop a few pounds”, “Travel more”, “Read more books” and “Drink more water” for another page. We will focus on our passion – manicure and the goals you can set for next year.

And here they are:

Ideas for a new nail tech:

  1. Choose a business name and just get started
  2. Complete your basic training and become a qualified manicurist
  3. Find a brand of products that matches your style of work
  4. Book in your first paying customer
  5. Start working in a salon
  6. Build a regular clientele

Ideas for business growth:

7. Get a raise
8. Go from employed to self-employed
9. Rent a table/ Go mobile or build a salon at home
10. Rent or buy a salon
11. Renovate and decorate your workplace
12. Hire someone to work for you
13. Delegate work that you don’t like to someone else
14. Find a good accountant
15. Stop accepting new clients
16. Grow to a fully booked salon

Social Media:

17. Start your Instagram and Facebook business pages
18. Grow them to a certain follower count
19. Find your first client using social media  
20. Improve your business reputation
21. Make a website

Self improvement:

22. Find your inspiration
23. Work on a new technique (sculpting with gel, thin lines painting, etc.) 
24. Improve your confidence 
25. Improve the speed at which you work
26. Stop overthinking the smallest details
27. Criticize yourself and your work less
28. Overcome your fears. Do you think that painting is scary and you can’t do it? Just get started
29. Practice more. Schedule time in your week for this


30. Learn a new technique
31. Update your skills. Did you study acrylic application 20 years ago? Maybe it’s time to refresh your knowledge
32. Challenge yourself
33. Add a new service (spa pedicure)
34. Invest in your personal development

Improve your work-life balance:

35. Spend more time with family and friends
36. Take time for yourself and learn to relax
37. Think positively and optimistically about the future
38. Set clear boundaries between your personal and working life (do not respond to clients when you are with your family)
39. Don’t be naïve
40. Stop letting customers be late or not showing up at all
41. Take a deposit
42. Stop booking clients outside of business hours because they just now decided that they urgently need a new set of nails
43. Put yourself and your health first
44. Move to an online calendar
45. Use an online booking system

Price list:

46. Increase your prices without feeling guilty
47. Charge your worth 
48. Start charging for additional services (nail art)
49. Do not reduce the prices of services. If you are running a promotion offer an additional service as a gift rather than a drop in your current prices.
50. Encourage your customers to experiment and try new treatments
51. Try to sell products (hand cream)
52. Try to book clients for more than one treatment (manicure + pedicure)


53. Set aside money for taxes, pension, health care, etc.
54. Make a budget and try not to exceed it
55. Think about every purchase. Will it somehow improve your business, personal development or the service you offer?

Side hustle:

56. Become an ambassador 
57. Become a distributor 
58. Start a ‘press on nails’ business – nails that customers can glue themselves. This business venture has helped many nail technicians make money during quarantine.
59. Do you have another hobby? Turn it into extra income
60. Invest and receive passive income

Become an educator:

61. Get a teaching qualification
62. Do your first training
63. Open an academy
64. Help someone make their dream of being a nail artist come true
65. Build a community of satisfied and successful students

Personal development in the nail industry:

66. Build a name for yourself
67. Participate in competitions
68. Win a competition
69. Win an award 
70. Become well known in your city
71. Attend more industry conferences and events
72. Build connections with people in the industry

For you:

73. Do not overwork your arm and back
74. Get massages and treatments which recharge you more often
75. Find a friend in the industry with whom you can gossip, share and relax. No matter how much your partner listens to you, it is different when the person in front of you fully understands your frustrations
76. Communicate with people who have similar goals and hobbies (Facebook groups for manicurists)
77. Take more breaks between clients
78. Take at least 2 days a week off

For your nails:

79. Stop biting your nails and cuticles
80. Follow a routine to maintain beautiful hands and nails
81. Stop picking your gel polish

Now sit down with a notebook and pen and plan your goals. What will you do next year to achieve them?

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