Best advice for starting in the nail industry

I still remember how excited I was a few years ago when I jumped into the industry. I went all-in on all aspects and thankfully it worked out. However, there are a few things that I should have done better and it is clear what my mistakes were. I now get to see many new people start their own journey as nail technicians and I feel the need to share a few things.

1. Don't buy too much stock.

Number one is to not invest in too much stock from the start. Don’t buy a whole collection of gel polish colours. I see it countless times. You may think that you are going to love ‘painting nails’ all day but this is just a small part of the job. Many people just realise it is not for them and then have to sell all of their equipment. My advice is to start slow and build up your products as you go.

30 colours are more than enough. You do not need 300 to be considered a nail tech. From my experience clients keep choosing the same colours anyway. Even if I have hundreds I still have a few which are extra popular.

2. Practice on friends and family to gain confidence

Practice makes perfect. My mum was my biggest support and she had her nails done over and over again. One of the most important things is to not paint over the cuticles and skin as this may cause allergies. Until you master that don’t go for paying clients. Build up your confidence with the people you trust and you will do great when you do out in the world.

social media username availability when picking a salon name

3. Pick a unique business name

Pick a unique business name that no one uses. ‘Nails by Lauren’ is not going to cut it purely because it has been overused. It will be almost impossible to find your profile or make your website appear first on google. On top of that I have seen clients get confused. Booking with the wrong Lauren as there are a few of those in town and even leaving reviews to the wrong business. To avoid that think of a name that is totally yours. Google it first to see what comes up and check the availability of the username on all big social media.

4. Work on your branding

Pick a colour palette and decide on your overall brand look which attracts the right clients. For example, if you want to get environmentalists through your door then make your social media appeals to them and consist of greenery and natural beige colours.

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