What can I do if I feel envious of another nail tech?

- I envy another nail tech. What can I do?

'Success' on social media

First of all, not everything you see on social media is true. How many times have you seen someone portraying their perfect relationship just to see thy are single the next day? As for nail techs, you never know if their schedule is as full as they say, cuticles as good as they appear on photos or even clients as happy as they comment.

In the world of social media, it is inevitable to come across someone who makes you feel envious. And it is hard to stop comparing our relationships, business, friendships, travel etc with them. Of course, deep down we know somewhere out there is someone who is better than us in every aspect but until you come across that person you don’t really feel envious. However, one day you see someone in your Instagram feed who you actually know and a spark of jealousy fires inside you. Unless you distance yourself from that person’s online presence it won’t stop and your obsession with them will only grow. The more you look at their posts and engage mentally the more you are going to see them.

Is it normal to be envious of other nail techs?

I challenge you to snooze the posts from anyone who takes you to a bad place. Envy and comparison don’t have an on and off switch so I can’t tell you to just stop feeling that way. We are all human and it is perfectly ok to admit that sometimes we are envious of someone. That’s how dreams are born. But sometimes feeling this way may actually hurt us. Sometimes it is just not encouraging to see other people succeed in the thing that you want. Our direct colleagues and other nail techs, whom we don’t even know personally, can also make us feel this way. But I am here to tell you that it is okay to remove those people from your daily vision.

nail artist social media envy

What can you do to reduce your comparison with them?

I challenge you to scroll down your feed today. If you see a post from someone who makes you feel even a little bit sad or angry then mute/snooze them. They won’t know and you can always undo that when you are at a better place. Posts that trigger you should not be on your social media. This place should make you feel inspired and encouraged.

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Another nail tech is annoying me with her posts

For example, Linda from the salon across the street uploads 6 times a day. This may make you feel envious and even anxious… How come you don’t have 6 clients a day and she does?! You may start obsessing over this and bringing bad energy into your life. So just mute her posts for a bit. Not seeing them will make you forget about comparing yourself to her and focus on your own success. You will start seeing the things that work for you and you will feel joy from your work. One day you will wake up and realise you are successful in your own way and Linda’s clients posts no longer bother you. Then you will be able to unmute her and feel happy for her as well.

'It is not you, it's me'

I have muted some people who inspired me at some point, then made me feel unaccomplished then inspired me again. There is nothing personal about that. In this case the saying ‘It is not you, it is me’ is true. If my posts make you feel bad in any kind of way then absolutely go ahead and mute me for some time. Recharge yourself and when you are ready let me in your life again.

How can I mute posts?

In the real world, it’s a little harder to ignore colleagues or nail techs who you see daily. But when it comes to social media, it’s very easy. And here’s how:

Instagram – If you see a post while scrolling on Instagram, click the three dots at the top right, then Mute, and in the next window Mute posts and story.

how to mute someone on social media
how to mute someone on instagram

Facebook – If you see a post while scrolling on Facebook, click the three dots at the top right, then Snooze for 30 days.

how to mute someone on facebook

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