How Much Do Nail Techs Make Per Month?

How to get more clients in my salon? It doesn’t matter whether you work at a home salon, spa, beauty salon or mobile you will always need new clients. Here are my best tips and methods for attracting new people to your business.

Whenever I get a new client I ask them how they found my mobile nail salon. I love doing this research and it is a nice ice breaker. SO here are the top 4 places which get me salon clients on autopilot.

attract nail salon clients using google search and own website

1. Your own website and Google presence.

I cannot stress this enough. The number one thing that brings me clients is my website. This strategy is long term and will not attract customers on the first day. However, fast forward 3 years and my mobile nail salon website get thousands of views per month organically and new clients book all the time.

I have not updated anything in it in months but it continues to bring me new clients. Using SEO I managed to get it on the first pages of Google when people search for anything similar to ‘mobile nail tech near me’. Google is smart enough to know if these people are actually near me and push my webpage to those who are. These are high-quality leads because the people who search for this term are the ones who are ready to book. The amount of traffic that I get has allowed me to charge a lot more than my competition and still be fully booked.

social media username availability when picking a salon name

2. Instagram

Instagram is a close second when it comes to the number of people who end up booking with me. It can work from day one because it is easier for us to engage with a potential client and make them visit our profile. If you are active on the platform and know how to market your services you will attract amazing clients. Those clients are usually obsessed with your work and want to book their manicure with you in particular. I have had people stalk me for months, engaging with everything I post and then book a year ahead for their wedding nails. The clients who come from Instagram are loyal and incredibly supportive of your work.

Instagram’s algorithms change all the time but once your profile has gained some traction it will continue to bring you clients even if you stop being active. I currently post 1-2 times a month but I still get daily enquiries from new people because a while ago I made the effort to grow my account and dominate on local hashtags. Yes, it is very time consuming to grow it but it is free and attracts the right people. 

And as I said earlier – supply and demand. The more people want to book with you, the more freedom you have to charge your worth.

how to attract new salon clients using facebook

3. Facebook

While in Instagram you can be found through hastags, locations, explore page and direct engagement it is a bit harder to attract people to your Facebook page. However, if you are open to investing some money in advertisement then this is the best place to start.

Think of it this way. Lets say you attract a client who books every 2 weeks and spends £50 per booking. This means the client is worth £1300 per year. So how much are you willing to invest to get that client? I have clients who I have attracted with ads costing me roughly £20 and 3 years later they are still my clients. The return on investment is definitely worth it. However, before you put your money in ads you need to make sure your photography and ad copy are amazing and the new clients you attract become regulars.

Free organic reach from Facebook Pages is horrible. The only way to reach new people is to tag your client and hope that they reshare the post. Another thing that you can do is to post in local Facebook Groups which allow self promotion. I have not personally found quality clients in groups but I know of many other nail techs who have succeeded in this so it is worth giving it a try. 

how to get new clients for nail salon online using yell

4. Advertising Repositories

Yell, Yelp, Shpock, Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace or whatever the equivalent is in your country. There are websites that let you list your business for free. There are also some like Treatwell which take % of your bookings or you pay per listing.

These websites are great when you are getting started and your own website, Instagram or Facebook have still not started working for you. There are people who search for nail salons directly on these platforms because they trust them. I have personally had many clients find my listing there. 

Because most of these websites have been around for ages they pop in the first pages of Google search as well. However, your salon is going to be listed together with many more other salons in the area. To attract clients make sure that you upload great photos of your work and have a clear call to action such as a phone number or online booking link.

In short the top 4 places to attract new clients to your salon are your website, Instagram, Facebook and other online listing repositories.

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