How fast do nails grow and when should you visit your nail tech?

Typically your manicure or pedicure should be maintained every 2 weeks. It does not matter what product was used or if you have extensions or gel polish on your natural nails. The nail plate grows at a specific rate so frequent visits are crucial for keeping your hands beautiful and healthy.

The gap that appears near the cuticles creates a disbalance. The old nail is now havier at the free edge and it needs to be rebalanced by having your nails done again.

Does everyone’s nails grow at the same speed?

The quick answer is – no. Not only is nail growth speed different for everyone but you can also see a difference in your two hands or even separate nails. Sometimes the dominant hand’s nails tend to grow quicker due to us unconsciously using it more or washing it more frequently.

The size of your nail bed also plays a role. If your natural nails are very short you will notice the growth quicker than someone who has long nail beds.

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Two nails with 2 weeks growth. There were done at the same time, same person just different hands. The dominant one shows more growth than the non-dominant hand.

How fast do nails grow?

Someone’s two weeks nail growth can look like someone else’s four weeks growth. It depends on your personal case.

What plays a role in how fast our nails grow?

Nail growth can be influenced by our diet, hormones, overall health, vitamins and how often our hands are in the water.

When should I book my next manicure?

The recommended average time is two weeks. Most product manufacturers guarantee longevity for two weeks even though in practice we tend to see they last much longer. When you start seeing 1-2mm growth it is time to visit your nail tech for an infill or gel polish change.

Examples of nail growth. Sometimes life gets in the way and you can not keep your two weeks nail appointment. With a good nail tech, your nails should remain in tact but over grown nails are more likely to lead to painful breaks, cracks and bacterial infections.