do you have to be a certified nail technician in uk?

In the United Kingdom, it is not currently a legal requirement to be a certified nail technician in order to practice nail services. However, many nail technicians choose to obtain certification in order to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the field, to fast-track their learning and gain recognition from clients and employers. 

Certification can also be beneficial for those who are looking to work in salons or spas, as many employers may prefer to hire technicians who have received formal training and have been certified.

Even though you do not need to be a certified nail technician in the UK there are still other things you need to consider:

  1. Sanitation and hygiene practices
    First and foremost, it is important for nail technicians to have a clean and hygienic work environment in order to protect the health and safety of their clients. This includes having proper sanitation procedures in place for cleaning and disinfecting equipment and surfaces, as well as following all relevant health and safety regulations. This is something that is covered when you go to a beginners nail technician course, but you can also find the information online and teach yourself.
  2. Liability Insurance
    In addition to maintaining a clean and safe work environment, it is also important for nail technicians to have liability insurance. This type of insurance can help to protect them against any legal claims that may arise due to injury or damage caused to a client while receiving nail services. Liability insurance is particularly important for nail technicians who work in salons or spas, as these businesses may require their employees to have insurance coverage. If you are a self-employed nail technician you can get your insurance online. Popular insurance companies are ABT Insurance and Salon Gold. If you work at a salon the owners may have an insurance policy which covers all of their workers. In order to get the insurance you must be certified.  You will get insured only on the certifications you show. For example, if you have provided the insurance company with a certificate from a beginners Shellac course, but you have a client complaining about a nail extension service you did- you will not be covered by your insurance.
  3. Council approval
    If you want to open a salon check with your local council. Some councils require that you get a special treatment licence.  This is a licence for premises offering manicure services. You get it straight from the council and the average cost is £500 per year. In addition, if you want to open a home salon you also need the approval of your landlord or mortgage provider. There are also requirements for shed salons in your garden. Check your local council in the UK for more details specific to your case. If you are building a salon you also need to check your borough’s requirements for a planning permission. In most cases the premises will need a use class A1.


In summary, while there are no specific legal requirements for becoming a nail technician in the UK, it is important for professionals to maintain a clean and safe work environment, be able to do a great manicure and to have liability insurance in order to protect themselves and their clients. Certifications are beneficial and will fast-track your learning and progress but are not a legal requirement. You can choose to learn from YouTube or not accredited courses. The most important thing is the knowledge you get and how you put it in practice. Your clients will care more about the quality of their manicure not where you went to school or if you are certified or not.

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