Should children under 16 get their nails done?

Big controversial topic. Should children under 16 get their nails done? Is it even safe?

1. Is it safe according to scientists?

There is no scientific research that says at what age a person is mature enough to get their nails done or a study on the dangers of nail coating on young people. If I remember correctly I had my nails painted from a very young age and nothing bad happened to me. Therefore, I believe it is safe until proven otherwise.

2. Should your business allow it?

However, from a business point of view, I believe under 18s should have their parental consent. This is purely because you do not want a parent coming in later in your salon and causing a scene. You should also 100% check whether your insurance covers you to perform treatments on underaged people as well.

salon opening allowing children

3. What if you don't feel comfortable?

At the end of the day, you may have permission from your insurance company and the child’s parents and still decide not to go ahead with the treatment. If you do not feel comfortable no one can force you. Nail extensions or even gel polish coatings are a responsibility. Some teenagers are mature enough to take it while others will blame the nail tech for any damage that they have done themselves. On top of that, they may not feel obligated to even show up to their appointment. I know many nail techs who refuse prom bookings just based on that.

no children allowed in nail salon

4. What I recommend?

Technically it is safe but there are other business-related complications that come with it. I recommend that you use your professional opinion and personal beliefs to decide whether you want to serve under 16s or not.

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