What is Gel Powder?

Gel Powder Nails - the new nail trend!

‘Do you do Gel Powder nails?’ – This is the number one question I get nowadays.​

Let me start by saying that technically ‘Gel Powder’ does not excist and it is just a marketing trick some nail techs use to attact more clients.

A gel is a gel (imagine a hair gel/ thicker shower gel). It cannot be in powder consistency.

Lately, Acrylic got a bad reputation due to poor quality salons using MMA Acrylic. MMA makes the service cheaper and more profitable, but it is a dental filling chemical that is not supposed to be used on your nails. The damaged caused by it and unexperienced nail technicians has created the myth that Acrylic nails are unsafe for us. Read more about it here.

Hence, Acrylic got a new name in some salons – ‘Gel Powder’. They started spreading the rumour and more and more people believed they are getting something new and trendy.

Other than Acrylics, Gel Powder can be confused with Dip System nails.

Check the images below and see if any of them resembles the products that were used on you.

This is Acrylic (Liquid and Powder)
The nail technician will dip the brush in a liquid (monomer) then dip it in a powder (polymer). This will form a blob of product which is then placed on top of your nail and shaped using the brush. It dries by itself.


dip powder vs sns vs gel polish nails

This is Dip Powder (SNS nails)
This is a two-part system. The nail tech will use resin to cover your nails, then dip your finger in powder and repeat.

hard gel vs acrylics

This is Hard Gel
It usually comes in a pot and is very high-density sticky liquid. The nail technician will grab some with a brush or spatula and spread it on your nails. It dries under UV/LED lamp.

biab vs gel polish

This is Builder in a Bottle (BIAB)
The product is in a ‘polish like’ bottle. It is applied directly on the nail and dries in UV/LED lamp.


I hope this helped you decipher the system that has been used on your nails. Please, always go to professionals who are educated and are not going to lie to you or try to trick you with the term ‘Gel Powder Nails’.

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