Copyright Policy

Intellectual Property Law (Online Learning)

ALL of our paid video tutorials are protected by copyright law. Downloading or distributing the lessons for personal use is interpreted as a copyright infringement on In the case of a user with an established intellectual property infringement, Learnesto reserves the right to deactivate his account. As copyright holders we also reserve the right to sue the user with hefty penalties for using Learnesto’s intellectual property without our written permission.

Photos, articles and free tutorials posted on Learnesto can be re-posted as long as is clearly credited as the original creator.

Rights and responsibilities:

When transferring a non-exclusive copyright, the user may not place his logo or initial on the author’s work. The user is obliged to indicate the author of the work. The user has no right to delete the initials or the name of the author from the work.

The user has no right to change, distribute, reproduce, present to the public or modify the content without the written consent or permission of the author for the specific processing, distribution (should determine the source and target audience), reproduction or public presentation.

In the event of non-compliance, the user shall indemnify Learnesto for all direct damages and necessary expenses incurred to reimburse the damage caused. The current applicable European Regulations and Directives concerning commercial relations and copyright, protection of personal data and other laws are applicable to the purchase of an online course with Learnesto and shall in case of need.