Cute Animals

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6 Merry Cute Animal Designs


72 students enrolled


In this course you will learn quick, easy and simpler Christmas nail art drawings, you will learn the technique of thin lines, how to use ink to make them and how to draw text with it. 

 6 Step by step videos on each design.

What you’ll learn

  • How to position the characters
  • How to apply basic colours 
  • How to improve your speed. You will be able to do each design in less than 10 minutes.

Are there any course requirements?

  • No

Frequently asked questions

We accept payments with Card (Credit/Visa/Mastercard) or PayPal.

📽 6 Designs divided into 6 video lessons

📜  A list of the used materials

🕓 50 minutes of tutorials. Unlimited аccess to the videos

📈 Suitable for beginners

🌎 Entirely Online education from the comfort of your home

✅ Immediate video access after the payment is received

👩‍🎓 Certificate for attending this online course

💕 Additional help and support from the educator and team Learnesto

🎨 Feedback on your designs

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Access to our special Facebook group

You will find a full list of the needed materials in the course content.

No, this nail art class is suitable for enthusiasts as well. You just need to have the desire to learn.

We accept payments with Card (Credit/Visa/Mastercard) or PayPal.

After successful payment, the course lessons will become available in your profile. You can start watching immediately or at a time that suits you.

Absolutely! We would love to see your produced nail art and we will try to give you a constructive feedback.

We strongly encourage that you participate in our private Facebook students group. There you will receive support and feedback on your designs and we can answer any questions that you have.

Alternately, you can also send your designs to our email [email protected]

Upon completion of the lessons you will receive a certificate for attendance of an online nail art course, which you can print off. The certificate is not for a base knowledge and therefore is not an accredited document, however it will bring you a sense of pride, joy and satisfaction.

Any questions before enrolling?

No problem. Send us a quick message using our online chat and we will happily answer all your queries.

8 reviews for Cute Animals

  1. Juliana Chikovski

    I love all your techniques that you share with me and thanks for making these tutorials.

  2. Bishra Kumar

    So far, it’s been extremely easy to understand and follow. And the certificate is very cute. I will print it off and put it in my salon

  3. Anelia Ivanova

    Great course, 100% recommended for a begginer nail tech. I learned a lot and the teacher had some very quick tricks and was very pleasant to listen to. Thanks for everything, I am quite satisfied.

  4. Anne K

    Thought this was really great and ideal for a novice like myself. I can’t wait to try out these on clients. Thank you Learnesto.

  5. Pirie Yasuda

    The instructions were super ease and simple. Great lesson! 10/10

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